Achieve the most from your cloud and data investments through proactive maintenance and monitoring.

Creating a well-architected Cloud solution is an essential first step. But just like a high-performance race car, if you don’t maintain it once it is built and tuned, it will eventually let you down. The thing that makes the cloud so attractive, the ability to quickly stand up and scale services can also lead to sprawl and a lack of compliance standards. Cloud management may be a new skill for your organization, or you may need additional hands to help you with managing your environment. Either way, let DSI help you get control of your cloud.

Siva K. Nadendla
Siva K. NadendlaPractice Head - Cloud Infrastructure
Having over 25 years of experience, Siva is focused on serving customers in need of orchestration, simplicity, and flexibility within the ever-dynamic field of information technology; specifically within the realm of cloud services, operations and new implementations. Siva can help you with a consistent and complete enterprise cloud initiative or a cohesive and effective strategy to manage your current environment.

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Not only can DSI help you establish a modern Cloud Infrastructure, but we can also help you manage it.

We offer three levels of support across all of the Infrastructure Pillars. We do not want to replace your IT team. We want to be an extension of your existing team, bringing our patterns, practices and expertise to augment and support your internal policies and compliance requirements.  In addition to Cloud Infrastructure management, we are also able to provide:

  • Application Support
  • DBA support for Azure-based and on-premises SQL Servers
  • ETL support
  • Cost Management Support

DSI offers multiple managed services offerings to help our customers gain the most from their ongoing IT investments. Our teams work with your IT organization. We will bring our best practices and patterns and integrate with your IT compliance and policy requirements to build solutions that maintain your requirements while helping improve your IT solutions.

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Just as with your on-premises environment, the cloud must be managed and maintained to ensure security and performance. Managing the cloud can require new skills and processes that your existing IT team may not have.  DSI’s managed services group can assist with all aspects of your cloud environment. We will not only help you set up logging, alerting automation, but we will help you continually monitor and improve your cloud footprint.  We will bring our Cloud Infrastructure Service Management platform (CISM) and integrate it with your existing IT processes and policies. Also, we will help with governance and cost control of your Azure environment. We will help perform tasks such as:

  • Flagging new objects that do not meet corporate policies
  • Identify potential sources of cost savings
  • Provide blueprints to make it easier to add new objects that meet best practices and corporate policies from the outset.
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It is our experience that many organizations have strong IT teams, but may not have enough of a Database footprint to require a full-time DBA. This decision does not, however, mean that DBA services are not required. DSI is a data-centric company.  Let us bring our senior DBA team to manage your database environments for considerably less than the cost of a full time IT resource.  At DSI, we make no distinction between databases on-premises and in the cloud. Our experienced DBAs will work with your data wherever it resides. DBA services include:

  • Ensuring all databases meet best practices for Security and Performance
  • Monitoring and tuning performance issues
  • Configuring and monitoring backups
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A well constructed Business Intelligence solution has many moving parts. Data must flow from source systems to your data warehouse and then to the cubes and models and reports that present the data to your end-users. With all of these processes, there are always issues. For example, data sources change over time, and data errors cause ETL and cube load processes to fail. When they fail, your users will not be able to gain the insights they need to run your business. Let DSI’s team of BI specialists help keep your Business Intelligence solutions to top shape. Our team can:

  • Monitor, troubleshoot and remediate ETL load issues
  • Optimize existing processes
  • Data validation
  • Update ETL processes, database schema and cubes and report queries
  • Ad-hoc data inquiries / Reports
  • Coordinate with Stakeholders to create customized processes to support IT/Business operations.

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