• Achieve your Digital Transformation Journey through an agile business process improvement (BPI) methodology integrated with change management.
  • BPI leads to quality improvements, service enhancements, cost reductions, and productivity increases of business activity or process. It is focused on increasing customer satisfaction by gathering the right team, determining your company’s primary value driver, listening to your customers, establishing a culture of excellence and putting process ahead of the tools.
  • Our consultants provide expert business process improvement services to help improve, digitize and automate business processes while helping you manage change along the journey.
  • We look to understand your organization’s value chain and map the business problems on it and create appropriate strategies to solve them.
  • Help in charting out your organization’s digital transformation roadmap or collecting practical business requirements for app dev or analytics projects.

Let us help you embark on your Digital Transformation journey

Growth Growth Map and Measure Current State DigitalTransformation Analyze Design future state Implement Analytics,App Dev,Cloud Infrastructure Awareness Desire Knowledge Ability Reinforcement

We have offers no matter where you are in your Digital Transformation Journey


DSI will help you chart your Digital Transformation Journey from scratch. Our process engineers will use various tools such as value chain mapping, Enterprise Process and Metrics tree or more granular workflow diagrams to help you visualize your current state. We help you identify bottlenecks and establish a focus on specific business problems that need to be tackled first.


DSI will help you speed up your digital transformation by working on focused problems and using various techniques such as user story mapping, developing app and analytics wireframes to help design and visualize a desired future state. In addition, we help you break down your business requirements into functional and technical requirements.


Once the solution is identified, we use practical requirements gathering techniques to help deliver a smooth solution delivery experience. We support training system users on new processes, developing standard work systems to trigger a continuous improvement culture in your organization. We see Digital Transformation as a series of iterative journeys and work in an agile way to help you achieve the goals of your digital transformation journey.

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Arjun Kaushal

Process Improvement Specialist – Data Science

Arjun is a Process Improvement Specialist with over seven years of experience in using Business Process re-engineering & Project Management methodologies. He works with the pre-sales team as a Process Improvement consultant, helping customers improve their key value chains by delivering app dev and analytics services. In addition, he has expertise in building Balanced Scorecards, Enterprise metric trees and User story mapping.

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