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Innovators | Creators | Collaborators

We empower success by providing technological solutions
that deliver tangible results

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We instill an open culture fueled by innovation

DSI is a premium Microsoft Partner focusing on the key practices of Cloud Infrastructure, Application Development, Analytics, and Managed Services. While our customers tend to focus on executing their business processes most efficiently, we focus on the digitization and insights of said processes. In addition, our Managed Services practice ensures the applications we build are continuously supported and enhanced. We think of this partnership as Technology as a Service.

Our Strengths






How we deliver

Focused Teams

Interdisciplinary experts with unique solutions that work in transparent collaboration with our clients to understand and solve your business problems. Our user-centric, data-driven approach helps us understand client problems and create seamless solutions. We work in concert with our clients to help transform your company through the unification of technology solutions to deliver and foster meaningful relationships with your end-users.

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We follow the basics to ensure the delivery of
quality results

Learn | Collaborate | Innovate | Deliver

  • We follow our effective project methodology ensuring your commitments are achieved and we deliver on ours.

  • Ensure client awareness on project status, communication, and tracking throughout the project life cycle through utilization of our Project Workbook (Risks, Actions, Issues, and Decisions Log), project plan, and regular status meetings.

  • We pride ourselves on being transparent with constant communication on project scope, timeline and budget so our clients are always aware.

  • We are flexible and can adjust to your project-specific methodologies and needs.

  • We always maintain a commitment to meeting your project delivery timeline with the utmost quality.

Client Partnership

Our teams work in close partnership with your teams

To ensure we understand your business, project scopes, and objectives

Maintain a clear channel of communication between our teams

Adapt our approach and methodologies to suit your needs

We believe client partnerships transform the way we work and helps us achieve our client goals

Our Leadership

Jeremy Fitzgerald
Jeremy FitzgeraldPrincipal
Evan Ross
Evan RossCTO & Principal
Paul Moser
Paul MoserVice President, Client Solutions
T J Machado
T J MachadoVice President, Sales
Craig Bowen
Craig BowenDirector, Recruitment
Aditi Iyer
Aditi IyerDirector, Analytics and Training
Mark Shoesmith
Mark ShoesmithDirector, Analytics Architecture
Paul Bourque
Paul Bourque Director, PMO
Stephen Giles
Stephen GilesCloud Solution Architect - Data Infrastructure
Calin Bauer
Calin Bauer Director, CRM and Application Development
Siva K. Nadendla
Siva K. NadendlaPractice Head - Cloud Infrastructure
Karl Ishak
Karl Ishak Operations Manager
Mitul Suthar
Mitul SutharCloud Solution Architect - Application Development
Brad Callan
Brad CallanCloud Solution Architect - Data Visualization
Tricia Sabessar
Tricia Sabessar Microsoft and Marketing Manager
Arash Askary
Arash AskaryCloud Solution Architect - Data Science

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