Understanding Cognitive Services


Explore a wide variety of cognitive options in Text, Speech, Image, Web Search for building your solutions. Cognitive Services is a purpose-built collection of AI algorithms and application programming interfaces ( APIs) to help developers add AI capabilities to websites, apps, and AI agents. Cognitive Services allow enterprises to support AI research staff, infrastructure, Read More



Evaluating Azure Databricks


Azure Databricks is the jointly developed data and AI service from Databricks and Microsoft for data engineering, data science, analytics, and machine learning. Agenda: Understand how Azure Databricks are tightly integrated with Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Factory, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI, and other Azure services to store all Read More



AutoML Overview


A deeper dive into the AutoML to build a high-quality model by automating algorithm selection and hyperparameter selection. Automated machine learning (AutoML) for dataflows enables business analysts to train, validate, and invoke Machine Learning (ML) models directly in Power BI. It includes a simple experience for creating a new ML model where analysts can use their Read More



Azure ML Service Overview


A deeper dive into the Azure Machine learning Service to build integrated, end-to-end Azure data science and advanced analytics solutions that enable data scientists to prepare data, develop experiments, and deploy models at a cloud-scale. Agenda: Gain a deeper understanding of Microsoft Azure ML service functionality and limitations. Understand how the different components of Read More



Develop your AI POC


Simplify your advanced analytics journey by leveraging Microsoft technologies such as cognitive services, Azure ML Studio, ML designer, Auto ML, Azure Databricks, and more. Agenda: Build your Proof of Concept (POC). Evaluate data quality & understand your requirements. Deliver top-notch POC’s with the best tools to address your business challenges with insights that have Read More

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