Azure Data Science services empower data scientists and developers with a wide range of productive experiences to build, train, and deploy machine learning models and foster team collaboration.

Topics Covered

Choosing the right framework and right tools for your business problem is the first and foremost step of AI adoption. This can be overwhelming at times because of the plethora of options out there. We at DSI can guide you in this decision-making process understanding your requirements and pinpointing them in the right directions.


  • Discuss various ML frameworks – Keras, PyTorch, SparkML, scikit-learn, TensorFlow.
  • Understand your level of technical expertise and discuss the pros and cons of various ML tools – Azure ML Service, Azure Cognitive Services, AutoML, etc.


Only work email addresses will be accepted for consult requests. Personal email addresses will not be responded to. Please share as much details as possible for your consult request in the additional information section so our Cloud Solution Architect can design a unique consultation session to best serve you.

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