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Let us build a modern platform that unlocks the potential to grow your business

Move to the Cloud

Why are so many businesses moving to the cloud? It’s because cloud computing increases efficiency, helps improve cash flow, improve collaboration and other benefits

Leverage Elastic Computing

Centralize your compute share across databases. Elastic pool is best for new SaaS apps, or for modernizing existing apps to SaaS

Scale to handle Big Data

Scale up or scale out your apps or VM’s

Increase Security & Governance

Architect your security and governance across your Azure subscriptions using cloud best practices

Outsource Operations

Focus on your core competencies by leveraging partners to fill the gaps

Move to the Cloud

Extend your existing network and gain the scale, security, and flexibility of Microsoft Azure. Migrate your legacy hardware and applications to the cloud and end the constant upgrade cycle

Leverage Elastic Computing

Take advantage of Azure’s elastic cloud features to optimize performance and costs

Scale to handle Big Data

Modernize your Analytics solution to support data of any variety, speed, or scale. Embrace the future of modern data analytics

Increase Security & Governance

Your data will be more secure than ever with Azure’s proactive approach to security, compliance, and privacy

Outsource Operations

Allow us to augment your existing IT team with a group of seasoned Azure and Database support professionals. Gain access to senior resources rather than increasing headcount

Integrate cloud into your digital transformation strategy

Patform Architecture Sample

Modern Data Platform

A sound modern platform allows you to keep existing applications performant, secure, highly available, and future ready. It is also the key to incorporating modern technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Advanced Analytics. The cloud allows you to optimize costs and leverage new technologies and functionalities.

Govern and grow your existing footprint

  • Application Migration to the cloud

  • Move to the Modern Data Platform

  • Build scalable and highly available Platforms to benefit from the elasticity of the cloud

  • Upgrade & Consolidation of Existing SQL Server footprint

Managed Services

A sustainable IT infrastructure needs to be managed well. Reduce costs on hiring full-time dedicated data resources by making use of our Managed Data Services.

Bring on board the knowledge and skills of a senior DBA to your environment at a fraction of the cost of hiring a resource

  • Azure Provisioning & Support

  • Azure Cost Control Monitoring

  • Managed Azure Monitoring & Support

  • Managed DBA Services

Our Managed Services Team

Siva K. Nadendla
Siva K. NadendlaPractice Head - Cloud Infrastructure
Stephen Giles
Stephen GilesCloud Solution Architect - Data Infrastructure
Karl Ishak
Karl Ishak Operations Manager

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