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Free Data Modernization Assessment

DSI will perform a free one-week assessment of your database and applications to develop a plan for migrating on-premises VMs and SQL Server databases into a combination of IaaS and PaaS services in Azure. This assessment will reveal any feature parity and compatibility issues between the your SQL Server 2008 R2 databases and the managed database offerings in Azure.

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On-Demand Training

Almost all organizations are at least planning to move applications to the cloud, and Microsoft Azure is a clear choice of cloud providers. But where do you begin? At the database layer, the application layer? How do you choose which applications to start with? In this session, our Cloud Solution Architect for Infrastructure Services will provide an insight into how you can approach the cloud migration process.

Moving to the Cloud is more than just relocating your VMs

I’m a voracious reader when it comes to my work, and not just in my chosen field. I like to read more widely because every so often, I come across something that brings surprising insights and sharpens my thinking. Case in point, through Twitter, a came across a recent progress report from the Office of Inspector General on the US Department of Homeland Security’s IT modernization efforts. Since 2019 a big part of this modernization has been a move to the Cloud as part of a data center modernization and security update process. It was a reasonably standard report, but something jumped out at me.

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