BIMA can help customer address the following challenges

Spreadsheet Proliferation

  • Incorrect versions of spreadsheets
  • Inconsistent data entry
  • Modified Spreadsheets – new, renamed, andor deleted columns
  • Incorrect named ranges
  • Rows removed inadvertently
  • Duplicate rows

IT Bottleneck

  • Data management maintained by IT
  • Complex Logic stored in code
  • Data Entry backlog


  • Who changed what data when
  • All or nothing approach to data stewardship
  • Manual Processes
  • No security
  • Standardized across Solutions


BIMA was developed as a tool to enable organizations to manage analytical master data
BIMA enables the management of data to enrich analytic solutions.  Through the implementation of BIMA organizations move the management of analytical data from the technical processes and authoring tools to a secure and business centric process.  This in turn results in analytical solutions that are aligned to the needs of the business and are more cost effective to maintain.
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BIMA is a mature SaaS product, developed in 2010, and has benefited from the feedback provided by a broad user-community.  It is delivered as an on-premises managed solution and billed through a monthly subscription.

Paul Moser
Vice President – Managed Services

Paul’s sole mission is to ensure the applications we build for our customers are reliable and meet committed SLAs. His team monitors all application and infrastructure telemetry – so issues get fixed before they become problems.

Leverage the Elasticity and Scale of the Azure Cloud for your Data Platform

  • Administrators configure access to underlying data and define interaction with the data
  • Administrators configure data viewing permission
  • Users with appropriate permissions manage their own data and hierarchies through a web-based portal

BIMA enables the management of data to enrich analytic solutions

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