Aligning technology with business outcomes for sustained success
The Customer Solutions team analyzes the relationship between business and technology and is responsible for front-ending all projects. We ensure that our technological solutions provide the necessary insights to drive continuous improvements in your business processes.
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Ensure your digital transformation journey includes the insights to drive process improvement


We help our customers prioritize which parts of their business would most benefit from using analytics to improve processes. We start by focusing on the key areas of generating demand, fulfilling demand, and retaining customers. We then identify core customer or product journeys and target specific business processes within these journeys.


Once we identify the best candidates for process improvement, we determine the most granular representation of process execution and specify the metrics of throughput and efficacy. This business-led approach ensures the longevity of our solutions – independent of the applications that may manage these business processes.

Map Data

Once we determine the core actors of a business process and metrics for throughput and efficacy, we map back to your enterprise data stores. This mapping helps us build specifications for data engineering and visualization – ensuring the business needs drive the technology solution.

DSI Methodology & Sample Industry Case Study

At DSI, our approach aims to align business goals with technology using various artifacts through Business Analysis.

Industry Case Study: Consumer Product Goods (CPG)

  • The CPG industry includes companies that produce and sell everyday consumer goods.
  • Examples of CPG products include food, beverages, cleaning supplies, and personal care items.
  • These products are sold in retail outlets such as supermarkets.
  • The CPG industry is a significant contributor to the global economy.
  • The industry is constantly evolving in response to changes in consumer demand and other factors.

Industry Case Study: Consumer Product Goods (CPG)
Discovery Workshop

  • Conduct industry research & company analysis
  • Capture high-level enterprise value map (EVM) – organize business functions across an enterprise’s core value chain
  • Highlight the company’s challenges and gaps from a broad business perspective

Industry Case Study: Consumer Product Goods (CPG)
Customer Solutions Process

  • Business analysis artifacts are created by examining an organization’s operations in detail
  • Core journey maps identified – customer, product, order etc. to illustrate the steps involved in executing a business process
  • Input-Output (IO) Model created – capture inputs, processes, and outcomes for each business process

Industry Case Study: Consumer Product Goods (CPG)
Solution Outcome

  • Entity Matrix created – a tool that helps organize the relationships between the inputs and outputs of each process, the entities involved, and the metrics used to measure effectiveness
  • The Solution Blueprint turns the core business artifacts into data pipeline specifications and outlines visuals that can help monitor and improve business processes – it helps identify how processes are functioning and where improvements can be made within the organization